CONFERENCE ENERGIZER: Dr. Del's Energy Breaks:
Bringing Your Audience to Life!

Meeting, corporate and convention planners, would you like to sustain the energy and attention of your audience after long hours of sitting?  Dr. Del's high energy, humorous, playful and motivating conference energizer sessions will "bring your audience to life!"

“Del, thanks for what you do. Without you, no speaker can be very effective on stage,
especially when the audience is sitting for such long hours.”
–Harvey Mackay, author, Swim With Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Dr. Del's high energy, humorous, playful and motivating presence will leave your audience with an uplifting, revitalizing energy experience that will sustain their energy and attention after long hours of sitting.

Dr. Del Millers is the Energizer!

During the break between presenters or before your keynote speaker, Dr. Del will "bring your audience to life" with a series of fun, playful and simple dance, stretch and martial arts movements, specifically designed to energize the body, clear the mind and create a joyful spirit.

Dr. Del creates custom presentations for every client based on their needs. His Conference Energizer fee is $6,000 flat for U.S. appearances (one or two Energy Break sessions per day at a two to three day conference) and $15,000 for international appearances outside of U.S. (Canada, $10,000).

To inquire about booking Dr. Del, leave us a detailed message with dates and information about your event by calling 1-818-293-7335 or sending email at

*Your contact information is safe and will not be shared.
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What they're saying

As you know, it is so important for those of us who work in an office setting to make time for self-care, or else, we will end up paying the consequences. The strategies you provided us will be valuable in helping many of our employees pay more attention to their wellbeing.
The California Wellness Foundation
The Women In Management South Bay Board would like to thank you for your very inspiring keynote presentation. Our members particularly loved your interaction with the audience. Thank you.
Women In Management, South Bay Chapter
Thank you so much. Your program has impacted my life greatly and I am very appreciative.
Mobil Business Resources Corporation
Thank you for your inspiring and insightful presentation. Your humor is contagious and our employees thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.
Thank you for a wonderful experiential program. Our employees enjoyed it tremendously. Looking for to participating in your weekly classes here at Sony.
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Dr. Del, you were the highlight of our event. I think the event was successful because so many people came just to hear you speak. Thank you!
The Health Coop