Dr. Del Millers is an international speaker on motivation, entrepreneurship & pursuing your passion and purpose.

At age thirteen, Dr. Del began the study and practice of Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan. After thirty years of practice, the martial arts have helped to shape his personal philosophy of life.

Through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, Dr. Del has learned the importance of balance, mindfulness and the power of being in the moment. His years of dedicated practice have taught him the most important lesson of all: A happy life is a harmonious balance of physical practice, a disciplined mind, and an awakened spirit. These are the lessons he attempts to share with his audiences around the world.

Dr. Del is by nature an Educational Entertainer. When he works with an audience he draws from his own training as a professional dancer, martial artist, nutritionist and fitness pioneer. His singular objective is to set his audience on fire by getting them to experience their own beauty, strength and power.

Dr. Del believes that one should never stop learning and growing. As such, his educational background and personal interests are as varied as one could expect from a lover of life. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering; a Master's in Spiritual Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences.

Dr. Del is the founder of The Best You Academy, entrepreneur, and author of eight books.

Through his speaking engagements, books and articles, he has helped thousands of people in the U.S., Australia and Europe to look and feel their best and live an energized life, even if they only have ten minutes a day to spare.

Dr. Del has appeared on Fox Television's Good Day LA, DR 90210 (E-Entertainment TV), radio stations, magazines, and newspapers throughout the United States and Australia (LA Sports & Fitness, Australian Ironman, Health & Fitness, Stuff, Fighting Fat and others).

Dr. Del is a powerhouse, standing on a solid foundation of education and experience. When he speaks, people want what he's got. The good news is, he knows how to deliver.

Dr. Del creates custom presentations for every client based on their needs. His speaking keynote fee is $10,000 flat for U.S. appearances (or the purchase of 3000 copies of any of his books) and $25,000 for international appearances outside of U.S. and Canada (or the purchase of 10,000 copies of any of his books).

To inquire about booking Dr. Del, leave us a detailed message with dates and information about your event by calling 1-818-293-7335 or sending email at drdel@delmillers.com.

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What they're saying

As you know, it is so important for those of us who work in an office setting to make time for self-care, or else, we will end up paying the consequences. The strategies you provided us will be valuable in helping many of our employees pay more attention to their wellbeing.
The California Wellness Foundation
The Women In Management South Bay Board would like to thank you for your very inspiring keynote presentation. Our members particularly loved your interaction with the audience. Thank you.
Women In Management, South Bay Chapter
Thank you so much. Your program has impacted my life greatly and I am very appreciative.
Mobil Business Resources Corporation
Thank you for your inspiring and insightful presentation. Your humor is contagious and our employees thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.
Thank you for a wonderful experiential program. Our employees enjoyed it tremendously. Looking for to participating in your weekly classes here at Sony.
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Dr. Del, you were the highlight of our event. I think the event was successful because so many people came just to hear you speak. Thank you!
The Health Coop